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The art of massage is one of the oldest treatments recorded dating back to as early as 280 BC when it was used as a treatment in far eastern regions. It is also one of the most natural forms of medical treatment.

There are numerous types of massage used in as many different countries around the world with each culture having a different variation. Being 100% a natural treatment, which is able to be used to treat the majority of the body, it is considered very effective by enhancing the blood flow which in turn speeds up the healing and recovery process.

One of the most common types of massage is used to treat sports injuries. Masseurs utilise a deep tissue technique that helps to recover ligament, muscle, and tendon injuries. The technique of slow and controlled movements upon your skin draw fluid through your blood vessels. This helps damaged muscle tissue to replenish its blood flow given tight or damaged muscle tissue will be deprived blood flow.

Sports type massages also help to cleanse tissues from lactic acids and further help the muscle and tissue absorb additional amounts of oxygen and nutrients. This enables a recovery time much greater than if you had not had a massage. Massage in general can also help to stretch out tissues which otherwise would not be treated, a good example of this is our backs and the back of our shoulders which helps to relieve and release tension.

The amount of sessions required to treat sports injuries vary depending on the severity of the original injury. Your therapist will provide you with an assessment at the initial appointment to understand what treatment you will require and for what duration. Treatment times tend to vary between four sessions to weekly or monthly sessions.

Massages are relaxing whilst at the same time being invigorating and a good masseur will make you feel relaxed and comfortable enabling you to fully appreciate the treatment.

Only attend therapists who are fully qualified in massage therapy and are able to administer sports massages. Unqualified therapists may further aggravate your original injury which may extend the recovery time and cause greater discomfort.

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Sports Massage Therapy

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This article was published on 2010/03/28